Sunday, February 10, 2019

Free From Stress...

From our Facebook page... We enjoy boating with Savannah's Freedom Boat Club, and we wrote about that here...

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I had the pleasure of taking a brand-new boat on Savannah's beautiful rivers yesterday. I think she had just a couple of hours on her, and what a pleasure she was to run. I kept wondering why the stereo sounded so much better, and then I looked up. Speakers in the hard-top! Rockin' the blue tooth!

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As you can see, Leo and Chance loved the ride. We saw dolphins and they wanted to make friends!

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The way this came to pass is that Tommy Thomas McCarthy offered me a great deal on a FREEDOM BOAT CLUB membership. I had kept a Sea Ray at Hogan's Marina for 12 years. My storage bill had risen to $270 per month. That's just storage, not maintenance. Every time I wanted to go on my boat for 12 years I had to wash it twice. Once before going into the water and again on removing it. It was fun but a LOT of work. Tommy took my 1996 boat in trade for the initiation fee AND my first whole year's membership. He came and got it at Hogan's on his trailer and took care of everything. You know what they say about the two happiest days in a boat owner's life? It's TRUE!

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I have been a member - and loved the relationship - for more than a year now, and I still save about $80 dollars a month. I show up and climb onto a boat that is spotless and fueled up. Ready to go. The boats are in great shape as Tommy maintains them and changes them out every couple of years. Tommy has earned awards for his customer service and has been voted the best many times. His dock hands are capable and polite and every experience is great. When I return to the dock, we get off and walk away. And we smile every time.

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Some folks prefer high tides, floating upon which you can see across the great expanses of spartina alternaflora or "marsh grass." The vistas ARE beautiful and special to our coastal estuarine environment. But at low tide you get to see things that you won't later, such as these wading birds standing and waiting for dinner to swim by. Behind sugar cane, the marsh is the most life-producing place on earth, and it serves as the nursery for all the seafood we enjoy. Did you know that shrimp are spawned in the open ocean and drift "planktonically" into the marsh areas? It's a good thing, as baby shrimp cannot live in full-strength salt water. The brackish mix of fresh and salt is vital to much that we hold dear. — at Intercoastal Waterway.

I know some people feel that they need to own their own boat. I felt that way too for a long time. Then one day I thought about my 30 years of flying helicopters. I never owned one of them, I just showed up to do a job and was issued the equipment to get the job done. My FBC membership is very similar, except now the mission is to have fun without being stressed out. No yard trophy. No storage bill. No boat ramp follies. No problems, just pleasure...

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Tommy and I talked about all the new boats coming for the season. His fleet is growing to 30 plus. This is a great way to get out on the water. If you would like to see what I am talking about, message me and I will take you out for a day on the water. It's beautiful here, you will love the views.

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