Sunday, May 19, 2019

A Savannah Treat ... THE BURGER BOAT

Steve and his Burger Boat visit marinas and hot boating spots like Pelican Island on a schedule. Or you can flag him down with a wave from your boat and enjoy delicious food cooked to order and delivered straight to your hand. He even helps you tie up alongside.

If you spend any time on Savannah's creeks and rivers, you will shortly see Mr. Steve Martin and his floating food truck, "The Burger Boat." With a long history of working in food service, Steve dreamed of opening a water-based burger-joint for 6 years, scheming and saving and winding his way through the labyrinth of permitting. "Well, we can't issue you a permit to sell food because you will be on a boat and no one has ever done that before and we aren't quite sure how to deal with you." But Steve was persistent, and polite, and asked for help and advice from the boating world. He credits Billy Gartside, owner of  Waterline Up (click here to see the coolest promo video ever, showcasing Billy's business and our watery world) with giving him great advice and introducing him to the right people - namely Bubba Strickland at Hogan's Marina, and Brian Fritts at Island Outboards in Thunderbolt. Steve credits these two introductions with being instrumental in his successful "launch" of a bold new business idea.

The Burger Boat cruises Savannah's rivers and creeks and offers a fun eating experience with the best view available - the one from your boat or dock!
Our first encounter with Steve and the Burger Boat was at the mouth of Turner's Creek at the Wilmington River. He was motoring along and we were on a Freedom Boat Club Savannah deck boat.

I waved, he dropped anchor, and we moored alongside. Easy.  Then we had fun ordering, sharing stories, laughing, and enjoying really good hamburgers hot off the grill. It was fun because it was so different, but the quality and taste of the food were as good as that from any land-based burger place I have ever been to. In fact, Steve's operation is top-notch, and his culinary skills are displayed in a fully-inspected and serviceable kitchen. On a boat!

How many restaurants can boast perfect inspections from both Georgia AND South Carolina? The Burger Boat can!
Recently, I got to visit with Steve immediately prior to getting underway with a children's charter on the Island Express with Bull River Cruises. We split the kids into two groups; he fed half of them at Hogan's while I showed the other half our watery world and its wonders. The dolphins did not disappoint. Then we returned to the dock and traded groups. It was a great day and the kids absolutely loved it. Is your Church, School, or Civic Group looking for a great outing? This is a fun thing to do! Everyone leaves happy and well-fed.

Perhaps the best view from any kitchen anywhere!
Steve graciously invited me aboard the Burger Boat and showed me his operation. He is understandably proud of what he offers to Savannah's boating community, and we on the water stand to benefit from Steve's excellent effort to provide the best burgers available in the prettiest place on earth.

You can find out where Steve and the Burger Boat will be by calling. He answers the phone!

Or you can visit the Burger Boat page on Facebook.  Have fun out there and take care...

Prices and selections as of May 2019 - subject to change

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