Monday, August 10, 2020

A Wonderful Story From The Creek--The Peanut Butter Falcon!

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 I was trained to be a Captain by two friends, Michael Neal and Buddy Lee. Mike owns Bull River Cruises. Buddy and Mike have worked together for a long time. 

It's been like this; when Mike makes a movie I work the boat. Mike is a marine coordinator for the film industry and is the go-to guy in our area for water scenes. He hires boats and people for on-water filming. He get's dressed in survival-gear and ready to go in the water and save the talent.

When a movie crew comes to town--it means I'm going to work on a boat! I'm aware of the movies being made around me, without paying too much attention to them. (I got to do a day of production work for Council of Dads, and I think it sucks that the series got the ax.)

The best films work magic on you. They "reel" you in, slowly at first; with plausible storylines and settings. Once you are firmly hooked, they take you on a journey that always involves the willing suspension of disbelief. Fantastical scenes have you looking at the person sitting next to you and smiling as you share the moment. And a little child-like part of your brain is thinking "yeah, sure, it could happen!"

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In no particular order; The Legend of Bagger Vance, The Gift, Camilla, and Forest Gump are all examples of this that were filmed here. It's our willingness--indeed our desire-- to believe in something better, something magic, that makes these stories so powerful. They provide an endorphinous happiness that leaves us smiling and shaking our heads and wondering "How did that happen?"

CAMILLA 1994 Entertainment/Shaftesbury film with Bridget Fonda at ...
Jessica Tandy wasn't just fantastic in "Driving Miss Daisy" and 
"Fried Green Tomatoes." She also starred in "Camilla" which had scenes filmed in Isle of Hope.
She made being old look beautiful.

Peanut Butter Falcon is such a film. It has parallels to all "life as a journey" stories, such as The Odyssey, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, The Wizard of Oz--heck, there's too many to name but we're always glad to be along for the ride. 

In this film, when the raft gets built you realize that you are getting ready to see some Huck Finn stuff, and you can't wait! And it doesn't disappoint! Any kid with salt in their blood has dreamed of building that raft!

When you spend a day on these creeks and the rivers into which they flow, you sense the wonder and beauty that has enchanted us since the first Europeans came here (and probably the native Americans who were here first.) It's no wonder that Hollywood comes here to expose so much film, and so many miracles.

Enjoy the show!

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