Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Manatees In Our Midst

There she goes, and there she blows. Watch out for Manatees on the move.

A manatee moving through the water leaves sign that you can see. An apparent "upwelling" (looks like a small boil) every ten feet or so - from them flapping their broad horizontal tail - indicates their path.

You can see these round circles on the surface as she works her way up for a breath of air. If you do see this sign, slow down and alter course. When they take a breath every minute or two, their nose comes up above the water and they make a sound similar to a dolphin breathing.

It's pretty cool to behold. (story continues below)

We were enjoying this beautiful day and delightful experience
aboard a Freedom Boat from Savannah and
Richmond Hill's Freedom Boat Club. This is boating the
way it was meant to be. Call 912 657-5222 for more info.

Manatees are slow-moving marine mammals, and are protected by law. They move toward warmer water as our temperatures drop. This picture was taken on the ICW near Skidaway Narrows and we appreciate all the Snow Birds slowing down and avoiding her after receiving our advisory call on the radio.

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