Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Social Boating While Keeping Your Distance: Moon River Kayak Tours and Rentals

For the foreseeable future, this virus is going to affect how we socialize. Even as things work their way toward a new normal, being in a group with other people will  be accompanied by nagging thoughts.

"What if I or my family is getting more from  this experience than we bargained for?"

A kayak trip is a safe way to experience fun with others.

As we enjoy one of the most beautiful spring seasons in memory, with fresh cool mornings and comfortably warm afternoons--keep one thing in mind-- it's wonderful to live it at water level. Gliding through our maritime history and ecology is a fantastic way to put your mind at ease and restore the peace within you. Tranquility outside becomes tranquility inside.

Image of kayakers on the Skidaway River; from Skidaway Island State Park.
Image courtesy "thedyrt.com"

Want to spend quality time with others but don't want to risk the spread of infection? A kayak tour is the perfect way to do this.

Michael Neal and his team of guides at Moon River Kayak can make this happen for you and your friends. They can show you what is--in our humble opinion--the most beautiful stretch of water in the Savannah area. The Skidaway Narrows was created by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1905, and in creating the Narrows they engineered a masterpiece of natural beauty. Johnny Mercer's  Moon River is waitin' round the bend. You can cross it in style...

Ospreys and eagles live, hunt, and raise their families here. Manatees use the Narrows to move up and down the coast. Dolphins frolic and froth the water. Wildlife abounds. At times you will talk and laugh and tell stories.  At other times your entire group will be spellbound by the boundless beauty that surrounds you.

It's that good. No kidding.

During the Great Depression work crews with the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) dug channels deep into Skidaway Island State Park. You can explore these creeks, get into "skinny water," and see things that other boaters can't. Your kayak is the perfect stealth transporter, allowing you to observe the workings of the natural world without disturbing it. Your friends can be with you, but not too close.

The creeks here are gorgeous. uncrowded, and off the beaten path.

Moon River Kayak Tours and Rentals depart from the Rodney J. Hall Boat Ramp on the Skidaway River at the Narrows, and must be scheduled in advance! (912 398-7400)  Diamond Causeway takes you there. Tours are $50 per person with a minimum of two and a maximum of six paddlers. Each tour lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours. Kayak rentals are also available for self-guided exploration, the cost for 4 hours is $40 for a single-seat boat and $55 for a two-person "tandem" boat.

Call Michael Neal, owner of Moon River Kayak Company and Bull River Cruises (and a Savannah movie industry icon) to schedule your tour. (912 398-7400) Check his operation out on Tripadvisor to read reviews like this one, "Moon River Kayaking was amazing, both the journey down the river and their customer service. Michael took care of us, made us feel like part of his kayaking family, and kept us interested and amused the whole time. Totally recommend!!"

Safe Boating friends.


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